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4th Grade DARE graduation

Kindergartener giving a DARE bear

Starting in September, deputies from the York-Poquoson Sheriff's Office came in once a week to teach DARE to our 4th grade students. DARE is a drug abuse resistance education program that was founded in 1983. DARE teaches our students how to make safe and healthy choices. This program was implemented to help prepare students for middle and high school, as well as life beyond their education. These dedicated officers build strong, positive relationships with our students and guide them in making good life decisions.

This afternoon, we held a graduation for our amazing 4th graders after their completion of the DARE program. Officers, parents, and teachers came to join the celebration along with our kindergarteners that handed "DARE bears" to the 4th graders after the ceremony. This is a tradition at the DARE celebration, recognizing how the young students look up to their 4th grade peers and their commitment to making good choices. Kindergarteners look forward to the day it is their turn to participate in the DARE program and make the same commitment!